No Money Bail Act of 2016

Ted Lieu wants to take away your right to bail.


Make no mistake about it the “No money bail act of 2016” seeks to eliminate your right to bail, giving the government the last say in who stays in jail and who is set free. The ironic thing is that Ted Lieu states that the bill would help the poor that cannot afford to pay their bail amount and must remain in jail. What Ted doesn’t seem to understand is that the bail bond industry was set up to help the people that could not afford to pay their bail that was set too high by the government in the first place. Bail amounts are set by government officials and are not to be set at excessive amount per the 8th amendment. The eighth Amendment as it pertains to bail states that: “…your right to bail at a reasonable rate is set. Having the right to bail and not having it set at a reasonable amount is the same as not Bail its your righthaving bail.” Ted you are part of the problem allowing the government to set bail at such a high rate in the first place. The problem was created by the government wanting more control over its people in setting bail amount at such high rates, that the average person could not afford to pay. The bail bond industry was set up to help people to exercise their right to bail by making bail more affordable to the masses.

The bail bond is the only means available were by an arrested person can leave jail exercising one of their rights. The government can’t do anything about that, well, that will change if the no money bail act of 2016 is passed. If this bill were to pass the government will have complete control over who is arrested and who will be available for release before trial. The government makes the law that got you arrested (congress), government makes the arrest (police), now they want to decide who will remain in jail before trial.

I see this as more government control over the people, an overall bad deal for us. Stop this bill in its tracts before we lose another one of our rights. If you live in the 33rd district tell your congressman Ted Lieu what you think of his work. His number is …


If you want to keep your right to bail, call your congressman and let him know you don't want this bill to pass.


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