Ted LIeu Wants to take away your right to Bail

Law to do away with the current Bail Bond System.


Bail its your rightWhen a politician gets elected to the United States House of Representatives they think the way to advance their political careers is by writing Bills and getting them passed. But what they really are doing by definition - They are taking away another piece of your freedom. When their Bill passes the people of the State are now limited by what they can do by another law. In fact the State has another way to arrest you or control what you can or cannot do. The politician is so proud of this (Bill writing) that they hold press conferences to celebrate their proposed Bill.

Meet - Ted W. Lieu is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing California's 33rd congressional district since 2015.

He wants to take away your right to bail. Yep, he thinks he is smarter than our founding fathers. Our founding fathers put bail into our laws as a check and balance of power against the State. In 2012 there were about 40,000 new laws put on the books. In other words, fouty thousand new ways you may need my services, oh wait, now they want to take bail away too. Don't let it happen.


What do you think of Ted W. Lieu Bill?



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Read more: No Money Bail Act of 2016








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