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Maguire JailI have warned that if we don't stop making new laws, more people will be sentenced to jail. We elect senators and congressman that think we want more people in jail. We are the people! We vote for people that are to serve the people but we end up with more laws and more people in jail. As it stands now America has a quarter of the world's population behind bars.  And we are not stopping there, we want more laws for "gun control" that don't protect us at all, we want to be fined for talking on the phone while driving and we want people in jail for doing drugs. The list is end less, domestic violence is now any argument where the police are called, someone is going to jail.  Starting from the late 1970s, the US prison population has been growing along with government spending. Today about one in 100 of Americans is serving time. That's a 30 percent increase over the past 10 years. I'll say that again, 30% increase of people behind bars here in America over the last 10 years. Do you feel safer now? Or should you start to worry about being put behind bars?

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The Maguire Correctional Facility is pictured here and is the current San Mateo County Jail.

The need for bail in America is growing. The people of America are being lied into believing that these new laws being put into place are for our safety. Why are we putting Americans in jail for victim-less crime? Unless we wake up fast, in another ten years we could be looking at one in seventy (1 in 70) people will be behind bars. Where are we going to put them? In San Mateo County they are building a bigger jail paid by the San Mateo County tax payers. Think about that for a second, you are paying for a jail that you will now have a 1 in 70 chance to visit  as an inmate.  When do we demand an over haul of our criminal justice system? How many more people do we need behind bars to feel safe? Or should I ask,  "How many less people should be arrested before you feel safe?" 

The US federal custody currently incarcerates about 216,000 inmates, at least half of whom ended up in prison for drug-related crimes. Keep my number on speed dial, you may need it soon. 

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Bail - It's what we do. 

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