Ten things to do when stopped by the Fremont Police.

Ten most important things to know when having a police encounter.

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        1. Stay calm and polite - Name rank and serial number. Just give the officer the basics. Your name, your ID and registration if in a car. Keep hands in sight. Do not engage in any unnecessary conversation. 
        2. If you are not sure ask , “Is that a request or order?” Comply with an officer's order, not to a request.Fremont Bail Bonds
        3. Ask to leave, "Am I free to go?" If the officer says yes - leave
        4. Do not answer any questions - remain silent
        5. I am exercising my right to remain silent - You need to state this. You do not have to answer as to why you are remaining silent. Just do it. It's your right and nothing bad can happen if you remain silent. Start talking and you could face more charges. Don't do it. 
        6. Don’t give consent to a search - If asked, "do you mind if I search your car? I'll just get the dog to search if you say no." Still say no, you may not search my car. Make the police do their job. Do not help them putting charges on you. 
        7. Don't make a statement - The police may ask for your side of the story, don't do it, resist the urge to start talking. Remember no good can come from it. 
        8. Don't interfere or delay the police. You could be charged for resisting arrest (PC148) Just the fact that it took you ten minutes to find your ID may put you subject to an arrest under PC148. You most likely will beat the case but you will still have to spend some time in jail waiting for bail. 
        9. Don't admit or deny anything. Again remain silent, it's important that's why it's repeated.
        10. And the most import thing to remember......Remain Silent!


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