Pretrial Release Programs

Know the facts regarding Pretrial Release Programs vrs Commercial Bail

Bail its your rightCommercial bail has been proven to be the most cost efficient form of inmate pretrial release. Bail agents nationwide are financially and physically responsible for defendants released on bail. In theory the defendants are in the bail bondsman’s custody until their case is completed. Simply stated, the bondsmen are now the defendant’s jailer, we are fully responsible for the defendant to show up to court as ordered. This is all done at no cost to the taxpayer.

The commercial bail bond industry does not cost the tax payer a dime. Bail bond companies are set up to help make paying for a bail bond less of a burden for defendants. In California bail bond companies charge ten percent (10%) of the full bond amount enabling the defendant to bond out at a 90% discount of what the courts are asking for bail. Bail Bond Companies makes bail more affordable to the masses and easier for people to exercise their eighth Amendment right to bail. 510 Bail Bond is customer service driven whereas pre-trail release services are government driven placing more demands or restrictions on the defendants. As the system works now, most everyone is able to exercise their right to bail, the Pretrial service program wants to determine who will be released and what additional restrictions will be placed on the defendant. The Pretrial system will take out the individual’s constitutional right and replace it under government control. It will, in affect be giving all powers over the people to the government regarding laws, arrest, pre-trail release and conviction.  

A defendant released on bail has agreed to show up to court on their scheduled court dates and to check in with their bail bondsman. Defendants released under Pretrial release services will have additional conditions placed upon their release and if not followed will have additional charges filed against them even if found innocent of their original charges.

Pretrial Service is more government control of the people at more cost to the tax payer. This is a program that takes away your 8th Amendment right, places more restrictions on the defendant causing more people to be arrested, creating a greater burden on our already overcrowded jails. This is a bad deal all around.

I urge you to vote against any Bills and any elected official that proposed more government control over the people that they claim to represent.  

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