Santa Rita Jail Death

Inmate dies at the Santa Rita Jail


Better Bail then JailThe family of Martin Harrison sued the county in 2011 alleging that the 51-year-old was "beaten, repeatedly struck, kicked, brutalized, repeatedly tased and improperly restrained" by sheriff's deputies inside his cell block on Aug. 16, 2010. He died two days after the confrontation. The reason he was in Jail, you may ask, "He missed his court date for a DUI." People often ask me why should we bail them out? Let's teach him a lesson. I hear many reasons and questions but my answer has always been,  "jail is not a safe place to be." There are so many things that can go wrong. Fights with other inmates and being taken advantage of in all sort of ways are just a few things that can happen. Take a look at what happen to a man that was arrested for a DUI and ended up dead at the Santa Rita Jail.  

Alameda County is forking over $500,000 as part of a settlement with Harrison's 10-year-old son. The other half-million is coming from Tennessee-based Corizon Health, which contracts with the county to provide health services at the jail.

Harrison, who was from Oakland, had been arrested several days before his death for failing to appear for a court hearing on a drunken-driving charge. He was a chronic alcoholic but otherwise healthy, said Oakland lawyer John Burris, who represented the 10-year-old son.

"The child lost his dad and it's been devastating for him," Burris said Friday. Harrison, may have needed medical help for with draws but the Santa Rita Jail staff saw it otherwise and used force to subdue Harrison. In the use of force by the Santa Rita Jail staff, inmate Harrison suffered injures that lead to his death two days later.

Although this is a rear occasion it does happen. This all could of been avoided by bail. Don't let you loved one's life be subject to chance at the county jail. Call 510 Bail Bond and talk to us about setting your loved one free.

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