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Dedication in BondingI tell all of my clients not to talk about their case. Do not talk to the police, read my post Ten Reason not to Talk to the Police. Yet, I'm still reading about cases where people think it's in their best interest to talk to the police or make a deal with the District attorney while their case is being tried. The case mention below has me scratching my head. 

In a recent case against a bail bondsman the jury acquitted Modesto bail bondsman Aleo John Pontillo of all criminal charges against him after a five-month trial and an investigation that went on for several years. What’s interesting about this case is that another employee, according to the charges, office manager Janelle Marie Llorens was responsible for handcuffing the clients to gym equipment and threatening them at the business on multiple occasions from 2006 to 2008 and was also a co-defendant in the case on other charges.

The jurors found Pontillo not guilty of conspiracy to kidnap for the purpose of extortion and conspiring with employees in an alleged bail-forfeiture fraud. They also found the defendant not guilty of less serious charges of false imprisonment, attempted false imprisonment and extortion, which were offered as options to the jury.

Although the jurors found Pontillo not guilty the DA made a deal with Janell Marie Llorens to testify against her co-defendants in exchange for a plea deal that will result in a sentence of 180 days in jail, three years of probation and restitution. Think about that for a minute. The DA used all of Llorens information, convinced Llorens that Pontillo was gulity and this was in her best interest to take the deal offered her. The jurors didn't see it that way and acquitted Pontillo of all charges. Will the DA drop the charges against Llorens and let her go free or will she have to do the time? Most likely she will do the time and the DA will move on to the next case. Next time anyone considers making a deal with a DA put in a clause that if the defendant is found not guilty that all charges against you will also be dropped and no time served. 

Remember, almost 100% of the time, it is in your best interest not to talk to the police or the DA regarding your case. Remain silent. Be careful of the deals you make, they just may not be in your best interest.

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