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Alameda Bail Bonds 510-760-9409

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Alameda Bail Bonds


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Alameda Bail Bonds 

When arrested in Alameda County you will most likely end up in one of the main jails either the Santa Rita Jail or the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility AKA the Oakland Jail. Alameda and other small cities will hold inmates at the local police station or the city jail if available for a short time before transporting them to Santa Rita Jail. If your loved one is being held in the city of Alameda act fast by calling 510 Bail Bond (510) 760-9409. This will speed their release times considerably by bailing out at the local jail. Don’t let your loved one spend one minute longer in jail then they have to. Call now, bail now.

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Bail Bonds

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  • Alameda County Superior Court
  • San Leandro Jail
  • Berkeley Jail
  • Berkeley Superior Court
  • Elmwood Correctional Facility
  • Fremont Jail
  • Fremont Hall of Justice
  • Hayward Jail
  • Hayward Hall of Justice
  • Magurie Jail
  • Oakland Wiley Manuel Court
  • Pleasanton Hall of Justice
  • Rene C. Davidson Court
  • San Mateo Northern court
  • San Mateo Southern court
  • San Jose Main Jail
  • San Jose Court House
  • Santa Rita Jail 
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